The Purview

The purpose of Connections Fellowship is to serve as a spiritual conduit to strengthen church planters and “smaller” size congregations (200 or less) in their pursuit of building the Kingdom of God. 

The Perspective

Often time’s ministry can seem lonely if there is an absence of fellowship, accountability, partnership, and friendship. The Connections Fellowship is spiritually and divinely woven through the fabrics of partnership to aide pastors who desire to strengthen their personal faith, strengthen their local congregations, and commit to strengthening others of their ecclesiastical fold. “The small churches in the United States have a significant influence on the lives of millions of our citizens. To many people they are the image of what a church should be and stand as a symbol of those principles that have made this country great. These churches are found in every type of community, at every economic and social level, and among various social groups within our culture. In the words of one church growth authority, ‘The majority of protestant churches are small, and they are everywhere!’” Dr. John D. Corcoran

The Persuit

A.   The “fellowship” will seek to eliminate ministry “isolation and loneliness!”

B.    Help to provide structure, order, protocol, and ecclesiastical training.

C.    Intentionally “connecting” the gifts of each pastor/congregation to others who can benefit from their calling.


A.   Covering: Providing ministerial accountability and support to pastors and churches that are non-denomination and solely independent.


B.    Covenant: A support system to pastors and churches that are connected to another organization and only desire ministry camaraderie.


Please click on the following link for more detailed information about the fellowship!

Sunday Worship Services  


Tampa, FL

9:15 am


Lake Wales, FL

12:30 pm

Midweek Worship Services



Lake Wales, FL: 7:00pm 



     Worship Locations

Lake Wales Campus

626 N. Dr. MLK Blvd

Lake Wales, FL 33853

Tampa Campus

5111 N. 22nd Street

Tampa, FL 33610

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